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True Love: A Loving Kindness Meditation For Mindfulness!

According to Tibetan Buddhism meditation texts, there are four elements of true love to be used in a loving kindness meditation for mindfulness . The first is Maîtri, which can be translated as loving-kindness or benevolence. Maitri is the ability to bring joy and happiness to the person you love. Training is needed in order to […]

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Morning Loving Kindness Meditation with Affirmations!

Affirmations can be used a powerful tool for transformation. You can train your subconscious which will transform your life in unimaginable ways if you use positive affirmations. Meditation helps you focus on any thing you want and by combining the power of the two you have a great advantage. Try the morning meditation with  these loving kindness […]

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Singing Bowl Meditation

A singing bowl, also known as a Tibetan singing bowl or a Himalayan bowl, is a standing bell with a detached instrument to produce the tones of the bell. Singing bowls are now popular in the United States and the West, however their origins lie in the East. The singing bowl was originally made in […]

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Find Your Meditation Style

Many people enter the world of meditation having no idea where to start. How do I sit? What am I actually doing? Do I hum? Some of us get a general impression from the media. Television shows, movies, and pictures show us a very general form of meditation. It shows us the action of a […]

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