We all have those times when we run through our never ending I’m-going-to-do-this list only to look up and realize we are still stuck in the same vicious cycle we have always been in. You know those thoughts—“I’m going to start working out three days a week to get rid of this last 20 lbs”, or “I’m going to finally ask my boss for that raise I deserve”, or  maybe even “I’m going to stop dating men/women who always take advantage of me”.

The realization that we are still in the same place we were a year or even five years ago can seem like a punch in the gut. You know you are capable of so much more and just need a little “oomph” to urge you along. Sometimes a third party perspective with a clear lens and compassionate ear is exactly what you need to get you out of that funk and help you find your purpose, drive, and fulfillment once again.

The Open Mind Center offers coaching to individuals in all phases and walks of life. Our coaching services include Life, Soul, and Business coaching in a one-on-one setting to maximize your results.

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Maybe you’re tired of falling for the wrong guy/girl and end up singing the same old love song—all about you being hurt and taken advantage of. Or you might be the one who scrolls all over social media at all the “happy” couples and wonder why you can never get a second date. Trust us, there is a reason why and we are ready and willing to help you break out of this lonely pattern and help you recognize how to give and receive the right love for you.

Are you ready to do the work to change your life, but you don’t know where to start? Soul Coaching will help you explore the spiritual path that feels appropriate for you. There is no single pathway that is the right one. We were all born with an inner guidance system that wants to show us our best and highest calling. Unfortunately, most of us have become masters at suppressing our inner guidance and following our head instead of our heart. It is time to reconnect with who you really are and find your best and highest path. We honor all spiritual pathways at the Center and look forward to helping you explore and discover yours.
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Have you ever made a commitment to yourself to start working out and bought yourself that membership only to use it 4 times and let the rest go to waste? If this sounds anything like you, then know you are not alone. And the moment you realize you quit or didn’t keep your commitment to yourself then starts a downward spiral asking yourself, “why it is so difficult for me to simply take care of myself”? Fill in the blank as to what your shortcoming is, but know that it is not too late to take control of your life and get guidance in becoming the best version of yourself.

Or maybe you’ve been trying to save the same $3000 for 5 years now and can never get past a measly $500. Why is that? You make decent money but always feel like you’re broke. “Should I ask for that raise”? “Or maybe I should just find a new job altogether”. “No…I spend way too much money going out to eat”. If any of these thoughts, or the like, have run through your mind, then it’s time to take a personal inventory and figure out the root behind these patterns and change them so you can live in the abundance meant for you in whatever capacity.
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Do you feel like you spend day after day toiling and grinding for someone else to fulfill their dream? Well, it’s time for you to finally get that million dollar idea rolling and start to live your own! So I’m sure now is when you start saying to yourself, “Do I have the support I need”?, “Do I have enough money saved”?, “And what if I fail”? There are many preliminary steps to take when branching out on your own path and we can help you get your business in line. Whether you are struggling with identifying the first steps to take, coming up with a business plan, how to brand and name your business, etc. our knowledgeable coaches can advise you on how to build your business from the ground up. We all experience fear, along with a multitude of other emotions, when dealing with growing or changing our career path, however, it does not have to be crippling.

Are you ready to start the business you’ve been dreaming of? Our Business Coaching program has been constructed to help give you the tools to release the fear that binds you and break into the world as an entrepreneur. By integrating practical and spiritual aspects of business, you are able to clear the personal issues that have the potential to affect your business. Open your mind, resolve your issues, release fear, and start that company you’ve envisioned. The time is now!
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There are a number of scenarios we can go through to cover the laundry list of things that make us feel shameful, guilty, angry, depressed, insecure, frustrated, or lonely. Well, guess what? These emotions actually serve as tools to help us heal and ultimately guide us towards peace, joy, love, fulfillment, forgiveness, gratitude, etc when we put in the work and awaken our spirit within.

At The Open Mind Center, we promote healing and are here to give our clients tools to not just cope with life, but to really thrive. Our coaches are trained professionals that can help you change your guiding beliefs and lead you to break destructive patterns that are doing you more harm than good. One session is all you will need to be convinced that you can change your life NOW!

We are here to tell you that it doesn’t take years of therapy to become the bright shining person you were born to be!

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