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Careers at The Open Mind Center


The Open Mind Center is the best place to not only discover metaphysical jobs near you, but a career that refreshes your spirit and mind. We are a One-Stop-Shop for new age and metaphysical wellness needs in Roswell, Georgia. Customers can attend classes and events, receive services, and purchase products. We provide high quality classes, services, and products to support each one of our customers.

The services we provide focus on holistic, new age wellness and personal development.

To ensure the best possible service, The Open Mind Center looks for high skilled, experienced, metaphysical enthusiasts to join our staff or work as independent contractors.

Visit the Classes page and the Services page to learn more about what we offer. Below is a list of the types of positions we offer for practitioners.

Energy Healing




The Open Mind Center is looking for skilled practitioners. These practitioners should be proficient in delivering exceptional service, using techniques like the ones below. The objective of our wellness program is not to deliver high-end spa services, but to deliver superior quality services from a holistic perspective. We are currently seeking practitioners skilled in the following areas:

Past Life Regression

Sound Healing
Chakra Balancing

Massage Therapy
Soul Coaching

If you are interested in exploring opportunities at The Open Mind Center, please send your resume to


Join our talented team of psychic and intuitive readers. We work with engaging, intelligent readers who apply their spiritual skills to improve the lives of clients and inform them about their future and past. Readers must be skilled in the use one or more of the techniques below:




If you have other gifts that you think we would be interested in, let us know. If you are interested in conducting readings at The Center, send your resume to


Do you love to work with people? Are you ready to share your knowledge and wisdom? The Open Mind Center works with excited, affable instructors to create fun, innovative classes and events.

The Open Mind Center is looking for knowledgeable instructors for a wide variety of wellness topics. These are perfect metaphysical jobs to earn money while sharing your gifts and experience with the world. Ideal candidates must be able to present classes and events that are interesting, entertaining, engaging, informative.

Classes and lectures include one session events, series of classes concerning the same topic, and workshops, depending on each specific class. There are opportunities to teach day, evening, and weekend classes.

Subject areas of classes include:

Metaphysical Practices
Arts & Creativity

Spiritual Inquiry
Environmental Awareness

Personal Development
Bodywork & Movement

Examples Classes and Events:

Intuitive Development
Working with Crystals
Sound Bath

Invoking the Archangels
Yoga Workshop

Energy Clearing
Full Moon Ceremony
Belly Dancing

If you’re interested in instructing at The Open Mind Center, submit a proposal email to Be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, title of the class/event, brief description of the class/event, and previous teaching experience.