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Reiki Healing

~ Get Well with Reiki at The Open Mind Center ~

Reiki is one of the best ways to receive energy healing! In Reiki, a practitioner supports, cleans, and rejuvenates your energy. The process can relieve you of stress and alleviate anxieties. More importantly, it is a tool in your emotional, physical and mental health. It can be performed anywhere and anytime, in-person and over the phone. Now may be the perfect time to introduce Reiki into your wellness routine.

Your Energy

Think of your energetic system like your circulatory system. Your energy is healthy when it can flow through your body freely. When your energy is blocked, it cannot circulate. It can lead to physical and emotional imbalance. You may feel stagnant. You are more likely to feel frustrated and less likely to process through conflict. You may hold onto anger, fear, resentment, and more. The list of situations and events that can bother you grows. Suddenly, everything is a nuisance. And all that frustration, all of those burdensome feelings, manifest themselves on your physical self.

Your mental and emotional troubles can affect your body. You could have less energy. You are more likely to be prone to illness. You are likely to experience physical pains that are stress induced, like lower back issues, shoulder or chest tension, and ulcers. These conditions can occur without underlying health factors. They only exist because your mental stress is too high.


How Does Reiki Help?

Reiki is a great way to address trauma and unprocessed emotions. Long term Reiki practice helps you change your thought patterns, remove false beliefs, and overcome imprinted information. You deserve to feel like you can be your best, authentic self. Move past the residual feelings of fear, bitterness, and unworthiness. Leave it in the past.

A session of Reiki is relaxing and therapeutic. Be still, relax, and trust the process. Our practitioners have decades of experience. They will channel energy and remove blockages. Our practitioners can share with you what they worked on. They can arm you with knowledge to make additional actionable steps in your life, to have better energy.

Reiki heals your soul and supports your well-being. Schedule your session today! Appointments are available throughout the week, in-person, virtually, and over the phone.

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