Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Your past lives can inform your behaviors and patterns. But often, these patterns and behaviors are not useful or helpful. It would be great if you could discover the unprocessed traumas from past lives that you’re still holding onto. Then, you could learn and heal from those emotions. Well, as it turns out, this is what Past-Life Regression is all about.

Past-Life Regression uses guided imagery to help you retrieve information from your past lives. The practitioner works to use that information in meaningful ways for you. Maybe it’s time for a change in your patterns. Whatever the information, this process will look for solutions by looking at your past lives.


You and Your Past Lives

Your past lives influence your current life. They help inform who you are, today. They contribute to your choice in professions, passions, and people. Your past lives play a role in your habits. They can help shape your irrational fears. Your relationships even tie back to the past. Therefore, with so many aspects of your present life tied to past lives, understanding the background information about your old selves is helpful in making progress.

Past Life Regression can be a benefit in many aspects of your life because it provides you with understanding. You can use this understanding to make progress. You may be able to break harmful patterns that hold you back. You may discover personal interests that, in this lifetime, you would have never considered. Most importantly, you can gain compassion for the person you are today. Knowing how you are influenced by the past, allows you to learn and move forward.

By learning from your past, you can move closer to becoming your best you. Past Life Regression provides you with an opportunity to find answers. The practitioner helps you interpret how these answers can help you. It is an opportunity for growth. You can use this information to help find resolutions for emotional and spiritual issues. It’s time to look back. Past Life Regression helps you release patterns, find understanding, forgive yourself and others, and heal.

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Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression

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