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~ Yoga is a Way of Life ~


Yoga is one of the best practices for spiritual and physical health!

While other yoga gyms and facilities hyperfocus on yoga for its physical benefits, of which there are many, we at The Open Mind Center emphasize yoga’s original purpose. Yoga was created as a way to prepare for meditation. Performing yoga releases fear, anger, and stress. It can ground you. Yoga connects your mind and your spirit. So, while your body gets exercise, so does your spiritual self. The Yoga Workshops we offer focus on this, yoga’s original and more meaningful purpose.

Our yoga workshops will teach you the meaning behind the original purpose of yoga. These workshops are suitable for all fitness levels. Flexibility is not required! If you have physical limitations, inform your instructors. They will present modified poses so that you can engage in your yoga practice. These classes will reinforce your understanding of the deeper meaning of yoga. It’s safe and exhilarating, calms your mind, strengthens your body, and can change your life.

If you want to experience the truest meaning behind yoga, visit The Center for more information.


Yoga is a great practice to improve your physical health. Practicing yoga regularly will improve your sleep. It will boost your immune system. Yoga is great for your heart. Long term practice will decrease high blood pressure and inflammation. Even when suffering from chronic pains, yoga is useful. It reduces swollen joints and arthritis pains. You will even gain better posture.

You will be amazed at how quickly you notice the benefits of regular practice. Feel the benefits of yoga. Enjoy reduced stress, renewed energy, and new optimism. Through movement, it strengthens your body, guiding you to healthier living.