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The Open Mind Center invites you to experience the profound benefits of yoga while becoming part of a supportive yoga community. Each class is led by a gifted teacher whose main focus is making every student feel comfortable and challenged. In our beautiful studio, the art of yoga becomes enjoyable and accessible to all students.

~ Yoga is a Way of Life ~


The term yoga means “to unite” in Sanskrit. It is a safe and exhilarating workout that will calm your mind, strengthen your body, and change your life. The days of high impact aerobic exercise being the only way to increase energy and strength are over. Yoga is the perfect total body exercise to attain personal health and fitness goals while releasing tension, stress, and anxiety. Yoga is a practice meant to bring your mind, body, and spirit to a place of balance which will allow you to reach your optimal state of being both physically and emotionally. Our yoga classes are conducted locally in Roswell area and allow you to go at your own pace and are guided by professionals to avoid injury.


When you are in a place of balance, you will notice drastic changes to the energies surrounding your life. Yoga is a holistic approach to rid the body of toxic habits through movement. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine meant to clear the mind and guide you to a healthier way of living.

We believe that practicing yoga on a regular basis, combined with proper nutrition and commitment to self growth creates complete body and mind wellness. You will feel the difference as you experience the benefits of reduced stress and renewed energy in our peaceful studio. Our yoga classes in Roswell & Atlanta area, GA are designed with every BODY in mind. If you have physical limitations, simply inform your instructors and they will modify the poses so that you can find joy in your practice.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will notice the benefits of a regular practice. Not only will your body begin to change but the benefits will begin to show up in your life on and off the mat.


beginners hatha yoga classes in Roswell, GA

Restorative Yoga is a practice about less being more. It is an essential component to a balanced practice of yoga. Restorative Yoga is designed to facilitate the connection to the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system. This connection helps release deeply held tension, stress and anxiety located in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. We use several props to do the work for us so we can simply relax, heal and grow stronger.

You will leave Restorative Yoga feeling renewed and restored. This class is appropriate for students of all levels and ages.

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yoga classes Roswell, GA


Build your practice and deepen your experiences through the fundamentals of yoga. Students are instructed and supported in the process of learning proper alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques. The use of props is encouraged to support the practice and create greater confidence.

This is a moderately paced class and is open to the beginner and experienced practitioner.

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Are you ready to begin sharing your yoga practice with others?

Our Teacher Training offers participants a comprehensive program that facilitates self-discovery while providing tools, resources, and a broad knowledge base to become a dynamic Yoga teacher. We invite you to embrace the teacher within as you guide others along their path.

Our classes are small and intimate thereby allowing each student the proper time and attention needed to achieve their best results.
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yoga classes Roswell, GA

The Open Mind Center’s Gentle class is open to all students. Release stress, increase flexibility and balance the mind/body connection through gentle flowing movements, meditation and longer held Restorative postures. Gentle stretching and movement warms the muscles and releases tension to prepare the body and mind for rest and stillness.

The Open Mind Center’s instructors infuse breathing and relaxation techniques and offer supportive props to help students release layers of tension and revitalize natural rhythms; a wonderful calming and relaxing experience.

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Improve strength, flexibility and balance through fluid movement and sustained holds in asanas (postures). This class blends alignment and mindful flow to help strengthen your connection to center and to encourage an even greater freedom of spirit.

Experienced beginners and advanced practitioners are offered variations and modifications specific to their unique level; an uplifting and refreshing experience.

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The Open Mind Center offers specialized Yoga classes for beginners and adults in Roswell / Atlanta, to create complete body & mind wellness. Visit our website for more information.

The Open Mind Center Welcomes You With Open Arms To Make Us Your Home For All Your Health And Wellness Needs.