Wellness Services

Wellness Services

The Open Mind Center offers abundant, holistic wellness services that refresh your body and spirit. Discover how Reiki and Chakra Balancing can clear your energy. Understand and move on from undesirable patterns with Past Life Regression. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation with Sound Healing. The services that you love, or would love to try, are ready for you to enjoy!

~ Everything From Stress Relief To Discovering Yourself at The Open Mind Center ~

Below are our current offerings:


energy-psychic-readingsIf you want insight into the future and guidance for what is to come, Psychic Readings are a great tool. This practice utilizes intuition as a source for guidance for future manifestations, ongoing predicaments, and revelations about the past. Our readers are talented and experienced. They use their skills to help you gain insight, experience personal growth, and receive healing. Learn more about yourself and about the future with a psychic reading.


services-energy-healingWhen your energy is blocked, it can lead to physical and emotional imbalance. Reiki is the most popular way to receive energy healing! As a practitioner lays hands on or above you, they support, clean, and rejuvenate your energy. They relieve you of stress and alleviate anxieties. It can be performed anywhere and anytime, in-person and over the phone. If you feel stagnant, stuck with low energy, then Reiki may be just what you need. It can help you heal your mind, body, and spirit.


services-chakra-balancingChakra Balancing supports the flow of energy in your body. Experienced practitioners work to move the energy in your chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. The result: You can function more in line with your higher self. In these sessions, you’ll also receive insight into the chakras that are not working and why. Schedule a chakra balancing today!


services-past-life-regressionsOur past lives can inform our behavior and our patterns. But often, these patterns and behaviors are not useful or helpful. Wouldn’t it be great to unlearn the lessons that trauma from past lives taught us? Past-Life Regression uses guided imagery to help you retrieve information from your past lives. The practitioner works to use that information in meaningful ways for you. Maybe it’s time for a change in your patterns. Whatever the answers, this process will look for the solutions by looking at your past lives.


energy-psychic-readingsCords are energetic connections we make to other people, places, things, situations, or beliefs. These cords form with positive relationships, established in love, but also with negative ones, based in fear. They can also attach without your awareness. Any person can form cords connected to you, even if they aren’t physically near you. And, any negative cords attached to you can stagnate your growth and weigh your spirit down.

Cord Cutting can heal you physically and repair you energetically, cutting off your links to unhelpful, un-supportive connections. Practicing Cord Cutting regularly helps you heal physically, repair yourself energetically, and improve your relationships and overall well-being.

It’s time to reclaim your personal energy by releasing cords that no longer serve you.


energy-psychic-readingsThe energy you use to create is referred to as your male and female energy. The two energies combine to create your desires. The male component of your energy embodies action. The female component of your energy refers to your intuition, the source of your thoughts and ideas. To manifest your creations into the world, these two energies must be balanced.

But when the energies are out of balance, you cannot create. If your female energy is active but your male energy isn’t present, your great ideas struggle to come to fruition. When you work endlessly but falter at every stumbling block, your male energy is at work without the wisdom and guidance of the female energy.

Balancing your energies is like having an internal counseling session. This process works through the conflicts that your energies are having, so they can merge harmoniously. And then, you can create whatever you want in the world.


Do you want to know about a major issue that could be holding you back? RoHun™ Enlightenment and Self-Healing Cards are used to uncover that kind of issue. RoHun Card Healing is a targeted process that investigates a major blockage and determines a method to release it. In the process, you will gain insight as to where the issue came from and a lesson that you must understand, moving forward. Rohun Card Healing is a thorough process to help you move into a better future.


energy-psychic-readingsDo you want more vitality? Lotus Healing removes energy blocks along the spinal cord. This healing gathers all the collected energy in your head, neck, and shoulders created through stress and releases it. The session can improve circulation, digestion, insomnia, and other aches and pains caused by posture and stress.

Clients are asked to wear white or light-colored clothing.


energy-psychic-readingsIf you want healing that invokes the higher energies of Divine Love, Light, and Healing, then you will enjoy Trance Healing. When in session, your practitioner will cleanse your negative energy and replace it with love and light. The process can benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Please wear all white or light-colored clothing so the negative energy can be fully released and not reabsorbed into dark colored clothing.


energy-psychic-readingsReady for healing through color and sound? A practice that uses both modern and ancient techniques, Color and Sound Healing opens, balances, energizes, and aligns your chakras. In this session, the practitioner uses color pomanders, containers, crystals, plants, and essential oils to create healing through color. They also invoke a combination of their voice, tuning forks, and other instruments to create harmonious sounds.


energy-psychic-readingsSoul Coaching is one of the most popular tools for furthering your spirituality. They help you move past obstacles and maximize your potential. Our coaches are skilled, informative, and supportive. They will assess your needs and help you find your path on your spiritual journey. Additionally, they will provide you the tools needed to live a healthy, happy, and successful life.


services-energy-healingAt an unconscious level, we carry worry, fear, shame, and other stresses. These clog the energy pathways in our bodies. And when your energy is blocked, you experience physical and emotional distress. Energy Healing corrects disturbances in your energy, which can help your mind and body.


energy-psychic-readingsIf you are looking for chakra work that harmonizes your energy centers, Chakra Balance Layout is perfect for you! Chakra Balance Layout focuses on harmonizing all the energy centers in the body. During each session, carefully selected groups of crystals are placed on the chakras. After the crystals are gently placed on the chakras, love and healing energy is channeled into each grouping to supercharge their properties and bring deeper healing. This promotes mental or emotional issues to surface so that healing can take place.


energy-psychic-readingsBlocks and cords are always being attached to you through your experiences in life. Laser Light Crystal Cord and Block Removal is a great service to receive if you’re looking to eliminate deep block and cord attachments. A laser crystal is used to remove blocks, implants, thought forms, and attachments. This process can be collaborative in nature, if deeply rooted blocks occur, and processing is necessary for full release. After the session is complete there will be 10 minutes for questions, comments, and healing maintenance.