Cleansing Methods for Home and Health

Cleansing Methods for Home and Health

Cleaning is a vital, daily routine we use to promote our well being. You clean your house, your tools, and yourself for a healthy and happy life. Spiritual cleansing is just as easy and necessary. Keeping your spaces clean from negative energies allows you to reach your full spiritual potential in whatever you practice. Here are a few methods for cleansing that we suggest, depending on what you want to cleanse:

Smoke Cleansing:Smoke cleansing is a well-known, traditional method of cleansing for impurities. It is commonly used for homes or any place you wish to keep clean of negative energies and entities. Sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass and much more can be used for this type of cleansing.

Sprays:Spray your house. Your car. Your crystals. Spray yourself! Sprays can be made with all types of cleansing herbs. A common mixture that most know by now is Florida Water. Made by a multitude of herbs, this is a great addition to anyone’s cleansing ritual.

Salt:Salt is a great sponge for absorbing negative energy. Pile some salt in the corners of your house, and for good measure, add lines of salt to the entrances.

Sound Cleansing:Not only is it soothing to listen to, playing high frequency sounds is a simple way of keeping your space pure and your chakra aligned. The practice has been around for centuries!

Advice from a Practitioner:Our practitioner Keela says, “Use Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sage power incense. Mix them together with Cinnamon from your pantry, and burn the mixture.”

No matter what method you use, it is so vital to cleanse with intention. As you perform your ritual, tell the universe what you want to fill the space that the negative energy is leaving empty. Saying it out loud will allow for whatever you seek (love, abundance, wisdom, etc.) to come into those corners and prevent negative and unhelpful energies to return.