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Emotional Freedom Technique: An Introduction

Are you or a loved one fighting depression or anxiety? Do you know you can find respite in the emotional freedom technique (EFT)? Wondering what EFT tapping is and how it helps fight stress or depression and manage tension? Introduced by Gary Craig as an effective combination of acupressure and mind-body relaxation technique, EFT is […]

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Past Life Regression: Is It Possible?

You might be surprised to know that forgotten past experiences can cause emotional traumas and psychological problems in your present life. This means the psychological upheaval in your life could be blamed on your past life experiences. So what is the way out? Well, past life regression is a process where you travel down the […]

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Creating Your Own Spiritual Place (Room, Get Away)

If you feel unfulfilled despite all the luxuries of life, you ought to create a spiritual retreat, where you can delve deeper into your spiritual self and connect with your real side. Wondering about the importance of creating spiritual space? Well, a spiritual abode promises to give you a greater sense of spiritual clarity, meaning, […]

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