Past Life Regression: Is It Possible?

Past Life Regression: Is It Possible?

You might be surprised to know that forgotten past experiences can cause emotional traumas and psychological problems in your present life. This means the psychological upheaval in your life could be blamed on your past life experiences. So what is the way out? Well, past life regression is a process where you travel down the memory lane under the guidance of a trained Practitioner and establish a  connection with your previous life or with a previous experience from this life. In doing so, you identify the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and causing all the trouble.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, the fact is that your subconscious mind becomes active and stored memories of past life may reflect in your thoughts. Still not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look into past life regression.

Is Past Life Regression True?

Well, there could be different theories and reasons as to how you can recall information from your past life. Hypnosis and deep meditation are great tools that allow you to rest your analytical mind or logical left side of the brain and focus on the intuitive flow of information from the other part so much so that you start to resonate with your eternal self. When you reach this stage, you are lost in an altogether different world and experience an unmatched state of calm and relaxation.  In this state, you have access to ultimate peace, joy, and love that is otherwise lacking in the human experience. You may further experience a deep sense of your “real” self, which boasts all these qualities.

Genetic Memory Recall – Do you know DNA from your ancestors is imprinted on your genetics too? Now you might ponder as to what link can your ancestral DNA have with past life regression. Well, since your ancestral genes are passed onto you, they tend to influence your character. During a past life regression session, the memories linked to your ancestors may be recalled through your genetic memory.

A Connection to Spirit – In a relaxed state of mind, you are thoughtful and often travel to the world of memories and gain a sense of the existence of your inner self.

Past life regression is an exercise to tune into the spiritual aspect that is quickly vibrating and allowing you to move closer to your past life experiences. You realize which subconscious thoughts and beliefs limit you and hold you back. You will also realize that such thoughts don’t belong to your “real” self. This realization is an exercise in awakening your real self to and releasing limiting beliefs and thoughts that have been holding a strong grip on you. In doing so, you free yourself from the grip of such self-limiting beliefs that have been negatively affecting the way you move forward.