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Candle Magic – How to Use Candles in Manifestation

The sight of a burning candle with the flame dancing gracefully is powerful enough to send you into a trance. Does candle gazing awaken something deep within you? If so, you’re in for some candle magic. The glow of fire can be so comforting to the extent that it can teach you how to focus […]

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How To Prepare for Mercury Retrograde Effects

Mercury rules your mind and directly impacts the ability to communicate and express yourself. The energy shift during Mercury retrograde may slow down all activities that the planet governs. Your conscious mind becomes less available and the subconscious takes over during the three-week astrological cycle. As Mercury naps, your awareness fails to take charge, and […]

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Following Your Spiritual Guidance

  Learning to tune in to higher inner wisdom or spiritual guidance can be a useful tool. Your connection to the divine spirit is your inheritance as a divine being. How often have you asked for an answer or to be shown a way to resolve a situation? Did you see your problem resolved within […]

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