Candle Magic – How to Use Candles in Manifestation

Candle Magic – How to Use Candles in Manifestation

The sight of a burning candle with the flame dancing gracefully is powerful enough to send you into a trance. Does candle gazing awaken something deep within you? If so, you’re in for some candle magic. The glow of fire can be so comforting to the extent that it can teach you how to focus your intent and manifest your desires. Fire is a source of magic in all cultures worldwide. Done with intent, candle magic is effectual and enough for you to attract abundance, good health, inner peace, love, and prosperity. With a burning candle you can focus your desire(s) and allow the release of your energy into the Universe to manifest your dreams. For the magic to work in your favor, it’s critical to have a personal sense of clarity about your intention, otherwise the candle cannot help you or you end up getting what you wanted in a way that isn’t helpful. Remember, the fire is just a medium to help you adequately direct your wishes to the Universe. An important rule to always keep in mind when doing any kind of earth magic is not to seek harm towards another person, the consequence is that you’ll get back what you put out. Positive intentions only, folks!

The first step is to choose a candle that correlates with what you’re asking for. The wide array of colors each have specific meanings. Ideally, virgin candles work best when they haven’t already been used for other purposes. You can amplify the magic with other elements such as dried flowers and herbs, crystals, and essential oils. Place the candle in a clean and undisturbed area. Meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind, relax and focus on the candle and your intention for it. If you purchase candles that are Reiki charged or made with hoodoo magic, make sure you follow their specific instructions. Make it an enjoyable process as well by creating your own ritual. As long as you’re following the basic steps, the rest is up to you for where, when, and how. After you’ve lit the candle, prayed, whatever your special process is, take a few minutes to visualize your manifestation coming true, how you will react or feel when you get the results you wanted, etc.

Candle Color Meanings & Uses:

  • Orange – stamina, success, prosperity, youthfulness, sudden changes, independence
  • Yellow – confidence, optimism, charm, communication, good luck, concentration
  • Green – harmony, balance, money, growth, healing, new beginnings
  • Blue – meditation, loyalty, spiritual protection, overcoming addiction, inner peace, trauma
  • Purple – enhance psychic ability, astral travel, wisdom, ambition, insomnia, bad karma
  • Red – energy, courage, fertility, passion and lust, negativity & pessimism, strength
  • White – cleansing, purifying, truth, blessings, unity, relieves tension
  • Black – protection, reverse hexes/curses, absorbs negative energy, reveals secrets, loss & grief support, illness
  • Brown – balance, stability and grounding, travel, rebirth/renewal, financial success, enhance telepathic abilities
  • Pink – romance, friendship, spiritual healing, self-love, faith, forgiveness
  • Gray – imagination, visions, wisdom, psychic protection, patience, obstacles
  • Gold – abundance, happiness, awareness and knowledge, influence, divination, power
  • Silver – astral realm, ambition, fame, purity, communication with ancestors, creativity

Keep your practice intimate and personal to help the magic flow in your direction only. Along with your intention, when you light the candle pour spiritual energy into it as well as your gratitude for the blessings you are about to receive.