Meditation Altars

Meditation Altars

Whether you are a novice or an expert in mindfulness, having an altar specifically for meditation can be a sweet refuge where you can turn to for a spiritual boost. It also provides a sacred space where you can release daily stresses and burdens, while learning to live in the moment. When it comes to establishing a connection with the spirits, you need a need a spiritual space you can call your own, so setting up an altar specifically for meditation is also a way to train your mind to connect with the Divine. In order to make the most of your meditation practice, you ought to find a physical place where you can ground yourself as it will allow you to feel  more centered and deeply connected within yourself. The altar can also be your go-to space for prayer and chanting.

How to Create a Meditation Altar

Is there a quiet space in your home where you feel peaceful and/or simply relaxed? This is where your altar should live. It could be in a quiet corner of a room or even a covered area outdoors in the lap of Mother Nature. Your sacred space need not be a well-built structure. Rather, it could be as simple as the corner of your nightstand. The idea is to find one space where you can cultivate positive energy.

Are there any specific items you feel connected to? It could be anything that holds a meaning for you, such as statues of deities, holy candles, incense, feathers, rocks, flowers, holy water, gems, or crystals. Do you derive power from these sacred items? You may even place photos of your loved ones to recreate an ambiance of connection. You can also adorn their meditation altar with the symbols of smoke and fire – which may resemble strength. You can even simplify it and use a basic white candle which can be an altar by itself. You could arrange the sacred altar based on four directions – north connotes earth, west stands for water, south symbolizes fire, and east corresponds to air. Or the altar may be arranged based on chakras, with items or colors arranged in a way that symbolize your energy centers.  Or you could simply place things in a way that appeals to you. The idea is to create intentions with anything at all that you use. Once you’ve chosen where your altar will be you can begin your meditation process.

You should close your eyes and begin with setting your intention and visualize what inspires you the most. You can even write it on paper and place it on your altar. With closed eyes, allow your visualization skills to see the sacred space. Is there something that resonates with you? Do you visualize something that makes you feel serene and carries away your worries? There is no wrong way to do this part, it’s all about whatever you want.

Having a meditation altar arises from having a spiritual space that radiates positive, sacred energy where you can tap into at the hour of need. Respect your space and altar, set positive intentions and radiate all the love and light that is inside us all.