At The Open Mind Center our goal is to deliver a vast array of comprehensive programs, services and products that meet our customers’ needs. We seek to bring together diverse ideas and experiences that heal the body, nourish the soul and awaken the spirit.

Here are some of The Open Mind Center customer testimonials:

“Looking back over my life one day, I have no doubt that one of the most significant memories filled with some of the most pivotal moments will be my time in Reiki training. Learning to not only just understand but to actually feel the teaching of Reiki’s “life force energy” has had transcendent value to me both personally and professionally as an animal practitioner. Charmaine Taylor is a rare and valuable gem… an instructor who brings such passion, energy and dedication to the interactive learning environment with a grounded reverence for the ancient artistry of Reiki. Charmaine really gives of herself to the craft and also to the teaching experience making it impossible as a student to not be fundamentally moved by this process. This course was vital to my growth on this physical, emotional and spiritual journey.”
M. B.

“It is such a great thing to have this center in our community, and the benefit of the classes only increases with more like minded people in the room raising the energy.”
S. D.

My session was very relaxing and comforting. The consultant is awesome and has great energy.”
D. Z.

Totally love the store. I enjoyed being here and I feel completely comfortable & welcomed here…”
L. S.

“Walks the talk and knows her subject. She is beautiful, compassionate, and wise”
B. G.

The most amazing experience psychologically, emotionally and mentally that I have ever experienced.”
K. F.

“All things being perfect – the exact situation & circumstances came together for my expansion and (your practitioner) graciously appeared to help.”

Your practitioner was a wonderful, caring and a skilled healer. I am deeply grateful to have her on my healing journey.”
K. B.

My service was great and I received some much needed guidance.”
W. S.

My Practitioner was awesome! She gave additional info and care. Thank you! See you soon.”
A. D.

I feel TERRIFIC! No pain, excellent relaxation.”
K. W.

My instructor was fabulous and very patient! She was an exceptional teacher. I will be back as soon as possible.”
C. H.

Awesome experience. She was dead on about everything. Helped a whole lot. Explained in great detail.”
L. G.

From the moment I walked into The Center, I could feel the difference...

In a serendipitous way, I happened onto The Open Mind Center in Roswell. I was searching for a place to conduct my personal growth/change workshops and The Open Mind Center proved to be the perfect venue. Previously, I’d been conducting my workshops in more “business-like” locations where the focus was on the transaction, and charging for something extra every time I turned around. Not at the Center.

From the moment I walked into The Open Mind Center, I could feel the difference. The energy of the building and the staff was softer, and the focus was on “me,” the person, not the transaction. I’ve been conducting workshops at the center since January, 2013 and will continue to do so. The staff, and especially Charmaine Taylor, have bent over backwards to be sure I, and my workshop participants, are comfortable.”
P. V.

“I LOVEEEEE this place. I’ve been going here for about 6 months for Yoga classes. They offer many facets of Yoga, Mediation, Ceremonies, Classes, etc. You feel a sense of Peace and Serenity the moment you walk in. If you seeking a way to Nourish your Spiritual Journey this is definitely the footprint you would want to start and finish with 🙂 Miracles and Blessings to all.”
K. S.

“This is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. The guided meditations are excellent, you can get a massage, practice some yoga, get some help with your nutrition and just get more connected with your community which is also an important part of your spiritual development. I can’t wait to go back to the meditation session on Wednesday!”
M. A. W.

This place is amazing gen for Atlanta...

This place is an amazing gem for Atlanta. They offer so many choices from yoga to Energy healing services and even classes to help you along your spiritual journey. I recently signed up to take my Reiki certification through them, and it was one of the most amazing decisions of my life. I also have met some amazing kindred spirits through the center which has giving me a great sense of community and support. I look forward to continuing my exploration with them and encourage others to do the same.”
R. S.

“My practitioner is a beautiful, powerful healer. Such positive, uplifting energy. She is wonderfully intuitive and gentle. It is easy to trust her and allow the goodness and well-being to flow, through her nurturing presence. I shifted a lot of energy in just minutes and feel much stronger, more alive. She is an absolute joy!”
N. K.

“Your practitioner was incredible. I was so at ease with her. She found the sources of my issues, worked very patiently with me, and helped me begin to heal and take care of myself. Anyone can benefit from her and this center.”
S. S.

“My experience with The Open Mind Center has been enlightening & beneficial to making changes in my life & bringing back a sense of peace that has been missing. Thank you for being here & helping me to find myself again.”
S. F.

My Practitioner was excellent at pinpointing the exact kind of healing I need and the feeling I received during my session was wonderful from start to finish.”
K. G.

It is rare that I have the time to be still and quiet. Your practitioner gave me permission to do both and guided me through the healing process.”
J. J.

“I had a mind blowing and mind opening experience. I know if I get lost I can find my way back again with the help of powerfully good people at this space”

“My Practitioner could not have more accurately picked up on every single detail. She is phenomenally gifted and is so easy to connect with. Adore her!”

“Wonderful experience! My session was insightful and accurate. Even when I think ‘no way,’ I see it later as it becomes reality in a way I couldn’t imagine.”

“After my experience with one of your practitioners, I wasn’t expecting to improve much more, but another practitioner worked a miracle in a different way! Each healer has her own special gift, and I can see the value in trying several or many methods for total healing.” ~S. D.

I feel like finding this place is going to change my life. I am seeking a mind body connection that other practitioners cannot give me. Look forward to Opening my Mind to new ideas & strategies to improve my overall health.”
L. B.

“Your practitioner hit so many things on the head! She was right on it! It was a 10-minute session (at your Open House) and yet I received so many things & answers by listening to her speak, before I said anything!!” ~ D.D.

“I feel at peace, more centered and open; it is easier for me to be open to change because of The Open Mind Center, Thank You!”
P. S.

“My Practitioner was fabulous! I felt comfortable talking with her from the very start. She is extremely intuitive and hears me a little more clearly than I hear myself. Eager for my next session”
D. R.

“I really enjoyed my meditation class this evening.”
We completed two meditations and discussions. I feel much more “in tune” with the process & procedure. I have a clearer understanding of the practice.
~ S. M.

“I feel like I have specific direction now. I no longer feel lost and I understand how I can heal my anxiety and depression. Thank you so much!”
K. G.

“My practitioner was great! She took her time and was thorough. I also enjoyed her calming personality. She made me feel really at ease during the session.”

The Psychic Development class is fantastic and full of energy and inspiration. I learned a lot and most of all…to trust my intuition.
S. S. S.

If you have any experiences/testimonials you’d like to share with us, send them to info@theopenmindcenter.com.
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