How To Prepare for Mercury Retrograde Effects

How To Prepare for Mercury Retrograde Effects

Mercury rules your mind and directly impacts the ability to communicate and express yourself. The energy shift during Mercury retrograde may slow down all activities that the planet governs. Your conscious mind becomes less available and the subconscious takes over during the three-week astrological cycle. As Mercury naps, your awareness fails to take charge, and this may cause anxiety, mental fog, and confusion. Life tends to slow down, with the ability to learn, read, communicate, edit, research, sell, buy, and negotiate suffering due to the lack of planetary energy. Negative emotions are likely, and things spin out of control as the “wide-awake” planet that rules over contracts, agreements, leases, and many other activities takes rest.

By keeping track of Mercury retrograde, you can improve productivity and prevent all the frustration arising out of a sluggish, heavy, and stormy atmosphere that can accompany such an event.

Mercury Retrograde: A Chance To Redeem Yourself

Mercury holds greater significance than any other planet in your daily life because the planet rules everything, from truth to communication, travel, and thinking. When this phenomenon occurs, it is feared that everything in your life goes haywire and becomes chaotic. The planetary energy that empowers your consciousness suddenly becomes frail. This may incite pandemonium in a normal life, affecting you in different ways. It could be in the form of power outages, accidents, exam failures, broken relationships, health issues, and professional setbacks.

If you feel Mercury retrograde affects you adversely and makes you want to go into a hermit mode or causes a spell of frustration, failures, and health issues, there isn’t much to worry about. The situation is only giving you a chance to focus on your spiritual side, re-examine different areas of your life, and move forward in a bright new direction. It is, in fact, a chance to turn the light inward, build strength to beat hurdles, and focus on refining and upgrading yourself. Who knows fresh new perspectives are waiting to be revealed, with major breakthroughs lined up for you?

Tips To Survive Mercury Retrograde Effects

When Mercury is retrograde, you may use these tips to prepare yourself.

  • Listen carefully to others and stay mindful of what you speak out. You must learn to choose your words wisely to cut down the risk of misunderstandings, which are too common during this time.
  • Be mentally and logistically prepared when planning to go out and go with the flow to avoid issues.
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your destination, as there is a high chance of delays.
  • Stay focused and do not take shortcuts in relationships, as there is a high risk of relationship problems.
  • Triple check travel plans to avoid the risk of delays, which are all too common during Mercury Retrograde.
  • Back up all of your electronic devices and digital data, as computer codes also fall in the domain of Mercury.
  • Boost your mindfulness through yoga and meditation so that you can conserve your strength and navigate through emotional intensity and the stormy and negatively charged environment.
  • Avoid initiating any new endeavors. It is best to put off lunching websites, publicity campaigns, and those related to communication profession.
  • Steer clear of cementing contracts, leases, or agreements, as the ambiance is fluid and changeable.

Reorganize, Reassess Yourself During Mercury Retrograde

It is time to recalibrate existing things in life rather than running after acquiring new ones. With Mercury retrograde making your subconscious mind more assertive, you are sure to have enlightening and healing discoveries about yourself. The chance to learn about deeper emotional and mental patterns can allow you to reboot and reinforce your life. By introducing lifestyle changes, positive thoughts, and mindful practices, you can emerge with more strength to listen to the inner voice and control your emotions. This will go beyond the period when Mercury is at rest.

A break in chasing new opportunities can be used to energize the self and improve the quality of assignment on personal and professional fronts. You have an occasion to reassess and perfect your skills as well as your way of living.

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