Find Your Meditation Style

Find Your Meditation Style

Many people enter the world of meditation having no idea where to start. How do I sit? What am I actually doing? Do I hum? Some of us get a general impression from the media. Television shows, movies, and pictures show us a very general form of meditation. It shows us the action of a person sitting down and remaining silent… And that’s about it. But what many don’t realize is that there are many ways to meditate. It’s all about trial and error for us. To find the best type of meditation for you, means that you have to go through each one, seeing how it affects you. That’s best way to find the style that best suits you. Below are a few meditation styles for you to consider. Remember, that it may take a couple of tries before you get to the one that is meant for you.

Transcendental Meditation – Transcendental Meditation is a technique that allows your mind to settle inward and reach pure awareness. Some call this the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness. This style of meditation is practiced twice daily.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps us become more aware. It teaches us to be present in the moment. Its purpose isn’t to help us become more spiritually evolved, but to stay within’ each moment unconditionally.

Guided Imagery – Guided Imagery is based off the idea that your body and mind are connected. In this type of meditation, you use directed thoughts and/or suggestions to guide your mind and body towards a focused and relaxed state. Practicing guided imagery can reduce blood pressure and stress.

Spiritual Meditation – This form of meditation is often used when you are dealing with a specific problem or issue in your life and would like guidance on how to maneuver through your issues.