Featured Product: Buddha Statues

Here at the Open Mind Center, we are featuring some of our amazing and beautifully crafted Buddha statues. We have an extensive variety of inspirational and healing statues. They will add a sense of tranquility to any space that they are in. You can use them to create a sacred space. This will help you with your meditation or yoga practices. We have many different types of statues to choose from, including Buddha, lotus posed frogs, and yoga statues. There are well over 100 poses that illustrate the life and teachings of Buddha. Each pose has a specific meaning to it. They all represent positivity. Some statues are posed to help people with their meditation. Some are meant to provide prosperity and protection. Others grant the practitioner patience, healing and wisdom. We have Buddha’s of all shapes and sizes. We have small ones for the car or the office and large ones for your sacred space. We even have small stone statues with stones implanted into them. Come on in to view our array of statues. Let us help you create your sacred healing space.

Are you on a budget? Not a problem. We are here to work with you and we can work with any budget. Creating a sacred space and finding a statue to fit in that space shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why the Open Mind Center has such a wide selection. You can pick out something today and take it home immediately. If you don’t have time to stop by and take a look at our selection, that’s okay. Head on over to theopenmindcenter.com where you can find all of our products right at your finger tips. Here is the best part. Whatever you order, as long as it’s in stock, will be shipped to you on the next business day.