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Singing Bowl Meditation

A singing bowl, also known as a Tibetan singing bowl or a Himalayan bowl, is a standing bell with a detached instrument to produce the tones of the bell. Singing bowls are now popular in the United States and the West, however their origins lie in the East. The singing bowl was originally made in Asia, specifically China, Nepal, and China. Their spread to the west started on the Silk Road.

Singing bowls are used in the aid of mediation. The bowls produce a relaxing tone that can ease the mediator in clearing their mind for their mediation. In Japan you can find one in every single temple. The tool that presses against the metal bowl is a carved wood or more commonly, a mallet wrapped in leather. Many singing bowls are still made in the same way that they were hundreds of years ago, by hand hammering out the bowl.

Because the purpose of the single bowl is to help in meditation, you can use this video to help you do just that. To get started, find a quiet place in your house or apartment and sit down. Using the aid of this video, which will produce the sound of a singing bowl (though no reproduction is better than the real life thing in front of you), you can mediate. You don’t have to mediate for the duration of the video, if you’re just starting out and that feels too long, but let the music focus the goal of clearing your thoughts of clutter.

If you can’t find a space in your house to be alone, (the phone is ringing to much, too many emails, kids) then you can always come to The Open Mind Center and use our free meditation space. In addition, if you like the sound of the singing bowl in the video but are interested in what it sounds like in person, check out our collection of singing bowls.