True Love: A Loving Kindness Meditation For Mindfulness!

True Love: A Loving Kindness Meditation For Mindfulness!

According to Tibetan Buddhism meditation texts, there are four elements of true love to be used in a loving kindness meditation for mindfulness . The first is Maîtri, which can be translated as loving-kindness or benevolence. Maitri is the ability to bring joy and happiness to the person you love. Training is needed in order to love properly; and to be able to give happiness and joy, you must practice deep looking directed toward the person you love. The second element of true love is compassion, Karuna. This is the ability to ease the pain of another person. Knowledge and understanding are always at the root of the practice. The third element of true love is joy, Mudita. If there is no joy in love, it is not true love. The fourth element of true love is Upeksha, equanimity or freedom. In true love you attain freedom. When you love, you bring freedom to the person you love. To love in the context of Buddhism is above all to be there. (True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh )

Most of us have to wing it when it comes to knowing how to love another. Imagine if this is also the case with loving ourselves. As children we learn how to treat others initially by observation. Then as we become more conscious of our own thoughts and perhaps the way we are being loved, we begin to wonder and imagine. Many like using the way of the Buddha as a guidepost to offer an interesting perspective from eastern culture. Love seems to be either co-dependent or full of give and take to the point of exhaustion. So let us re-write our love story starting now!

Here are simple steps for a mindfulness meditation you can practice for a loving kindness experience.

Step one: Acceptance- I am the perfect unconditional love of God for myself and others

Step two: Boundaries- I am treating myself well and therefore others will get the hint and follow my lead

Step three: Action- I set my intention everyday with gratitude and awareness to allow loves energy to be complete in me.

May you truly BE THERE for yourself and others!
: Namaste :

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