Candle Magic - Candles For Meditation

Candle Magic – Candles For Meditation

Talk about something to do on a Friday night! No, I am not talking about Friday the 13th, Halloween, or kids stuff. This is something truly sacred, safe, fun and well…MAGICAL!  Using candles to bring wealth, health, and universal harmony is a great way to advance your desires on the universal informational highway. This magical candle meditation is only used for good; it is very real and very powerful.

As Richard Webster said in Candle Magic for Beginners, “Candles that are burned with a specific aim in mind become powerful tools that enable you to perform real magic. This is because the person making the request concentrates on the desired result, which subconsciously impresses this desire into the candle. As the candle burns, the request is sent out into the universe where it is manifested. The candle is, in effect, the link between the mind of the person making the request and Universal Mind, whoever or whatever you perceive that as being. The Universal Mind is spiritual in nature. The candle is solid matter that is transmuted into spirit as it burns. This, coupled with intent, creates incredibly powerful magic”.

If you’re a beginner, one thing to remember is that choosing the color of your candle is very important. It will help set your intention and assists you in maintaining your focus. As each candle holds elements of earth, wind, fire and water you may find the effects both stimulating and calming. Candles hold a symbol of presence and if used in this way can provide much return on their investment.

Here is a candle meditation you can use to feel the magic:

Today, I chose a white candle for “purity” and a red one for “passion”. I have placed them on a mirror, next to it a box of matches.  I like to use a circular mirror to amplify my intention. Sitting quietly I clear my thoughts with a few deep breaths; on my inhale I receive all and on my exhale I allow all. After about three or four breaths I feel very present in my space. I now set intention, as I light first the white candle and then the red candle. Holding intention for myself and everything I am inviting in, I receive purely and recognize that all I put out is wrapped in benevolent passion for me and others!


Ready to start the candle magic meditation?
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