Energy Healing Medicine


Energy Healing Medicine helps to awaken the energies within us and helps us to balance them out. Healing can occur in different ways. This includes an increase or decrease in physical energy, a release of painful memories by bringing them to the surface, and a release in the form of sickness. Healing can also come in the form of creative expression and drive. There are many techniques that can be used to achieve this type of energy, through Reiki, meditation, yoga, pranayama or breathing techniques, and coaching. Some healing methods involve human contact or physical touch. A healing touch over different areas of the body (Reiki) is an example of this. Regardless of the type of energy healing modality performed, they all work to achieve the same things – create a healthy flow, balance the life force, release blocked emotions, and help one achieve personal harmony.

Energy Healing works by activating and restoring the energies or chakras. Chakras need restoring if they have become weak, blocked or unbalanced. Energy healing can be used to treat illness relieve pain, stimulate the immune system, help to relieve headaches, enhance digestion, and relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder, and low back pain. Energy healing also helps with lowering and removing anxiety and depression. It helps to bring past issues to the surface so that they can be addressed and healed. It also is a great practice when trying to achieve certain goals in your life.

Energy Healing is a great complement to other medical care practices. Energy Healing can be used for self-care, self-help and staying on top of your wellbeing. The Open Mind Center offers several classes and services on energy healing to help you on your path to wholeness. We encourage you to take the first step to healing with us and let us help you healing journey. The Open Mind Center is a great place to feel safe and supported without judgment or fear. Come see for yourself, schedule an appointment with us today!