Healthy Tips on Loving Yourself

Loving ourselves is not something we can do overnight. It takes time, patience, and understanding. We must remember that when it comes to loving ourselves, it is a process and journey, not just a means to an end. Things won’t magically fix themselves because you love yourself, but they will get better, easier, and less problematic. 2015 is all about going with the flow, rhythms, and cycles, like the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Here are some ways that you can implement Self love into your daily practice: 

  • Begin your day with Love:  Before you jump up to grab your phone, laptop, and even your coffee, breathe in love and breathe out negativity. Breathe in love and breathe out love. Imagine a healing white light embracing you and saturating you with love.  
  • Take time to Meditate and/or Journal: Meditation, like yoga, is a progressive practice that only gets better with time. By taking just 5 minutes out of your day to reflect into a journal or doing a simple breathing practice, you can increase your life and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Be emotionally honest with yourself: When you come across an emotion, work your way through it. Sometimes when we feel guilty for the way we feel, we try and push the emotion out of our way, but by working through it, we can grow and learn. 
  • Try something new: Take a class you’ve always wanted to take. Try something that’s out of your comfort zone. Expand your horizons and travel to a new place, even if it is local. By getting out there, you will experience adventure and something you might not have known about yourself. 
  • Get moving: You don’t have to get ready for a 3 mile race, but getting up and moving can help in so many ways. Increasing your heart rate boosts energy, raises endorphins, and pumps up your confidence. Plus it can add years to your life. 
  • Letting Go: We can’t control everything and sometimes we just have to sit back and breathe, then just let it go. Holding on to that which does not serve us can cause unwanted stress, anxiety, depression, and a lot more. Remember, the universe has your back and knows what it’s doing. Sit back and enjoy the ride as often as you can. 
  • Take time to practice and enhance you spiritual work: Whatever your spiritual belief is, take a few moments out of your day to practice and remember it is an ever growing process. Meditate as often as you can, practice yoga, take a walk in nature, and surrender to peace. Own your gifts: Love yourself enough to honor your potential and talents. Create your own beautiful life. 
  • Be patient with yourself: Let go of fear, anxiety, and guilt. Remember, life is a journey not a destination. 
  • Focus on the positive: By focusing on what is going right in your life, the things that you are grateful for, you attract more of into your life. 
  • Forgiveness: Practicing forgiveness and understanding is a big step to loving yourself and others. 
  • Speak your truth: This is your life and your happiness is very important. Don’t lie to yourself or others just because it is easier. Speaking your truth is the hardest but most rewarding out of all of the self love tips. 
As always, smile and even if you are afraid, do it…F.E.A.R—> Face Everything And Rise!