How Does Reiki Work for Pain

How Does Reiki Work for Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you are already aware that it can be debilitating and can adversely affect your quality of life. Reiki for pain relief is becoming an increasingly popular alternative healing therapy that promises to have an overall healing effect on pain and anxiety that often accompany a chronic pain episode.

What is Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as acute pain in any part of the body that could be a burning, aching, electrical, or shooting sensation that prolongs for three to six months or even longer. Worse still, it could be accompanied by extreme discomfort, stiffness, or soreness. Not only this, a chronic pain episode can trigger a cycle of fatigue or sleeplessness. According to the Institute of Medicine, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In fact, the condition is a global epidemic now, affecting billions around the world. Popping a pill every time you experience pain is not the right way forward.

Now you might be wondering what triggers chronic pain in the first instance. Well, chronic pain may arouse from an injury, postural problems, aging, or even psychological disturbances, such as stress.

Reiki for pain management can be an effective tool to overcome pain, stress, and anxiety. One Reiki session can be a life-changing experience for someone suffering from chronic pain. However, one session does not promise to provide you with lifetime relief from pain, but it is the first step toward pain management. Regular Reiki sessions are steered toward allowing the free flow of healing energy, resulting in reduced pain and tension while inducing feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation.

How Does Reiki for Pain Work

If you seek relief from pain and stress, Reiki may be a natural alternative to conventional medicine. It is a multipronged approach to healing physical and psychological problems while addressing the root cause, without the typical side effects associated with conventional treatments. You can find immense relief from the healing touches of a licensed Reiki practitioner, irrespective of your pain trigger or ailment.

Wondering how does the flow of energy work?

Well, there is a flow of energy within your body. But any injury or a stressful episode can obstruct the energy flow, thus resulting in pain. If left untreated for long, the acute pain can become chronic. But that does not mean you should continue to live with pain. Reiki offers a relaxing experience like none other.

By positioning their hands on or above your body, a Reiki professional acts as a medium to channel the flow of universal energy toward you. Reiki works on healing the physical and psychological aspects of chronic pain, relaxing the muscles, putting you in a more relaxed state of mind, and helping enhance energy flow all through the body.

What Does Research Say About Reiki for Pain Management

Research finds little to no side effects from Reiki, which is facilitated by a light touch or no touch at all. In fact, Reiki provides therapeutic relief even to those who are in extreme pain and cannot tolerate touch. As the Reiki practitioner’s hands move above their body, the person starts to experience relaxation and relief from debilitating pain and anxiety, which may be triggered by any ailment, injury, or invasive treatment procedures.