How To Start A Yoga Practice

How To Start A Yoga Practice

If you envision living a life beyond all the stress, troubles, and tribulations of modern day living, then you ought to live in the moment, think of the present, and build a lasting connection with your inner self. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, in reality, it isn’t that challenging to awaken yourself and nourish your soul. With yoga, this is highly achievable. Nevertheless, it takes some practice to become more grounded and get in tune with yourself. Now you might be wondering how to start yoga for beginners. Worry not, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tips on Yoga for Beginners

All it takes to start yoga for beginners is patience, commitment, and right intention. Get in touch with a professional yoga trainer and your yoga journey would be a breeze. Here are some tips to make learning a breeze for you.

Learn How to Breathe

It all begins with breathing right. It is important to breathe right when practicing yoga postures. You may relate it to pranayama exercises or meditation. If you can breathe right, you can do yoga. To begin with, choose simple yoga poses. A professional yoga trainer can show you the right way to sit in a yogic pose. Follow the trainer and it should get easier for you.

Practice Practice Practice

Yoga is a practice that helps you explore yourself while learning to relax the mind and body. Nobody has ever learned yoga in their mother’s womb. It takes practice to perfect the skill. Commit yourself to yoga and allow yourself to grow with each asana (yoga pose). Close your eyes, and forget everything about the outside world. It is time to flow with each asana, forgetting everything else. With practice, you will understand your body and be in a better position to heal it. When you open your eyes, a whole new world is waiting for you.

Be generous and kind to yourself

How you treat your body is a manifestation of how you feel about yourself. Show yourself compassion and treat your pain points with care. Don’t be unkind to yourself; rather, be kind and you can heal your pain effortlessly.

Start with a brief meditation

You should sit in a comfortable position and spend a few minutes to focus inward. It might help to set a goal for your practice before beginning with your yoga practice.

You will learn from yoga professionals to end your yoga practice in a relaxed pose. Coming to stillness on your back at the end of your yoga practice allows you to integrate everything that you just did.  Shavasana is the most common posture to do at the end of your regular practice. It is all about lying down on your back and relaxing your body for a few minutes and transition back into the world.

Enroll in a yoga center

Although you may be willing to do it yourself at home, the best way to start yoga practice is to get training from a professional trainer. Life will become easier with a trainer and your yoga journey will be a breeze. This will ensure that you do it right every time so you can enjoy a more meaningful and joyful life and fulfill your life’s purpose.

If you are wondering how to start yoga, get in touch with The Open Mind Center. You will find our classes fun, informative, and healing, with professional trainers who can teach you the best way to start yoga.