Blow Your Depression Away With Yoga

Blow Your Depression Away With Yoga

Whether you suffer from stress or depression, you can blow away your anxiety woes with yoga. You may be in a state of depression due to a stressful life situation, a job loss, a disease, an accident, failure in exam, or a death in the family. A depressive state of mind can suck the happiness from your life, and the feelings of misery, sadness, and worthlessness can easily set in. While conventional treatment can only provide temporary relief, yoga for anxiety promises to be the perfect antidote for mood swings, negative thoughts, and behavioral problems.

Yoga for Depression

Yoga is a combination of deep controlled breathing techniques, body postures, and mindfulness meditation that can be very powerful in the treatment of depression. When you make yoga a part of your fitness regimen, the therapy may help you overcome signs of depression, stress, anxiety and emotional pain.

Now you might be wondering as to how yoga for depression works.

Well, research reveals that some gentle yoga poses boost the levels of the hormone that induces relaxation, thus helping kick away depression blues. Researchers have found that those who practice yoga have higher levels of this hormone than others.

Uplift Your Mood With Yoga

A study suggests that people fighting depression have low levels of serotonin– the feel-good hormone. Yoga is a natural way to improve the production of serotonin that induces relaxation and pacifies the mind. When you are fighting signs of depression, practicing different yoga poses and making them a part of your life can help you boost the levels of serotonin – the hormone of happiness – to overcome stress and anxiety, uplift mood, and thwart irritation.

By practicing yoga regularly, you can learn to stay calm and relaxed even in troublesome situations and courageously face distressing events, without feeling frustrated, stressed, or restless. With yoga, you can set yourself on the road to positivity and self-growth.

Yoga for Anxiety: A Stress-Busting Technique

Different yoga asana can help offset anxiety-driven depression and reduce stress-causing hormones, inducing the relaxation response. When this happens, you are more inclined toward staying with your feelings, instead of trying to escape them, and identifying the psychological factors that cause depression or anxiety.

Yoga can help you feel more connected to your inner self. When you are deeply connected with yourself, you can effortlessly transform your life in the real sense and feel happier and content with all that you have. When you incorporate yoga into your life, you can fall in love with yourself, create new thought patterns, and develop better control over yourself, wherein you can easily return to the present moment when your mind wanders off.

Yoga: Antidote to Depression

Yoga functions as a self-soothing technique to reduce the effect of exaggerated stress response and physiological arousal. Gentle yoga poses can reduce the heart rate while increasing heart rate variability, ease respiration, and lower blood pressure. As a result, your body is in a better position to respond to stress and feel relaxed.

When you learn to focus on your inner thoughts and train your mind to think positively, you can develop better self-control. Your inner self takes over and you are more inclined to believe that life is good, irrespective of the events in your life. With better control over your mind, you won’t let any life situations disturb you from within.

So it makes sense to practice yoga regularly to positively alter your inner landscape.