Knowing and Using Your Intuition

Knowing and Using Your Intuition

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you had the intuition that this was going to take place? Have you ever had a scary feeling that something bad is about to happen and seen it coming true? Did you ever have a nagging feeling that you should do one thing and not the other? Sometimes you may want to speak up but something prevents you from doing so. Do you know what is guiding your decision making? Whether you believe it or not, your brain is working in the background guiding your decisions. When you are in an uncomfortable situation, your mind will spontaneously react to offer you a credible reason to avoid potential failure or embarrassment. Why not learn to use your intuition to your greatest advantage?

How to Know and Use Your Intuition

Your mind has an answer to all the questions that matter the most to you, but only if you relax and give it some time to ponder and wait for the answer. Intuition exists within everyone. While some are aware of it and use it to their benefit, others are neither aware nor know how to use intuition. But the fact of the matter is the more you learn about intuition, the more you can use it to positively shape your lives.

What is intuition?

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that intuition is the voice of your soul. It works outside your conscious awareness by drawing on patterns collected by your experience.  It is the communication between your subconscious and conscious mind.

If you connect more intuitively with yourself and let go of negative thoughts, you can connect more deeply with your relationships and develop a positive connection with everyone, including yourself. Do you know the more you use and become aware of your intuition, the stronger it will become?

Here are a few simple ways to use intuition:

  • Listen

Find a peaceful place and close your eyes. You need to listen in order to let your intuition talk. When you pay attention to your intuition, you allow your thoughts to escape. When you are in solitude, you shut down the clamor of the world and tune into your intuition. You can enter into a state of mindfulness meditation to connect with your inner thoughts and feelings. By focusing in the present moment, you can eliminate mental clutter and make the way clear for intuition to be active.

  • Connect deeper

Make a deep connection with your inner self. Let all your emotions come forward. There will be positive and negative thoughts. Let go of negative emotions, by allowing them to come up for release. Next, visualize a happy you. What is it that makes you happy? Is it the thought of your family, kids, soul mate, pets, or friends that makes you happy?

  • Trust your gut feeling

Intuition has a physical presence in the gut. So when they say trust your gut feeling, you know it is all about trusting your intuition. If you let yourself feel your intuition, it can have a wholesome impact on you – quicken your breath, give you goosebumps, and send shivers down your spine. At other times, you can feel it when you experience an enriching, nourishing feeling.

  • Let go of negativity

The most important point when you are looking for ways to use intuition is to learn to quiet negativity. If there are negative emotions, then you cannot use intuition. You might be surprised to learn that your negativity makes you angry or depressed. As a result, you end up making bad decisions –solely because your intuition is clouded by negativity. Research claims that you make better decisions in a positive mood as opposed to negativism.

In conclusion, learning to tap into and trust your intuition will help you to flow more easily with your life.

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