The Season of Giving

The holiday season, if not planed, can get expensive. Add up the lights, decorations, plane tickets, and gifts, especially gifts, and the holidays can become a major line item in your budget. Yet, you want to give. Here are a few suggestions that can open your heart without hurting your pocket.

  1. Donate! You may have slightly used clothes, coats, shoes, and blankets. Many outreach programs and shelters are at maximum capacity this time of year with an influx of those looking for food and shelter from the cold. A warm coat or blanket can make a dramatic difference in a life. And in that same vein, donate food. Canned food is often cheaper than your average grocery store item. Even better, they last a long time and will be the difference between someone having a restful sleep or going to bed hungry.
  2. The holidays can be a difficult time for those that are elderly or who are far from their family. Retirement facilities love volunteers every day, but especially during this season. You can participate in group activities, engage in conversation, and bring your children with you as you do so. These seemingly, small gestures can brighten the day of an individual as well as teach your child the impact of giving.
  3. Many businesses and service organizations have Angel Trees in their foyers, for you to give a gift. Again, a gesture of donation that can be shared as a family will make a lasting impression.
  4. Additionally, many men and women in uniform, a group of people who really need the holidays the most, are far away from family and friends. A simple letter of appreciation to our service men and women can be especially meaningful during the holidays. Sites such as,, make it easy.

Be kind and give to others. Happy Holidays!