The Harmonic Lithium Quartz

Found only in Brazil, Harmonic Lithium Quartz is both aesthetically pleasing and energetically inclined. As the name suggests, the stone is made of Lithium and Quartz. These stones have a hardness of 7 and can range in color from lavender to purple-gray. More interestingly, in Brazil, quartz has a reputation for its high frequency vibration. Lithium acts as an amplifier to other natural properties. Together, they can be used to balance and harmonize your chakras.

Lithium Quartz can affect all of the chakras but it is most powerful with the heart, crown, and solar plexus chakras. It harmonizes both your individual aura and your energetic relationship with others. It can be used to help you relieve anxiety, depression, and other disorders. Lithium Quartz helps you to release negative thoughts and promotes a more meditative state.

The optimum time to carry this stone is when you are experiencing stressful situations. You can where it in multiple ways. Some people like to wear it on their neck, as you would on a necklace, while other people wear it as a bracelet. You can also keep it by itself, if that’s what you prefer. However, no matter how you wear the harmonic lithium quartz crystal, you have to make sure that you keep it working efficiently. To do this, you must clear it regularly. Fortunately, the process of clearing the stone is not difficult. Lithium Quartz will do well with all clearing methods. For example, you could use saltwater, sea salt, Reiki, or water to clear the stone.

If you’re looking for a good stone to help you harmonize your energy to your aura, stave away the feelings of anxiety or depression, and help you create a calmer, more meditative state, then you can get a Lithium Quartz stone at the Open Mind Center.