The Greatest Gift is Love!

Here at The Open Mind Center, we believe in giving back. We have many donation jars located around the center and we offer charity yoga classes weekly. It inspires us when we see others doing the same for their community. When you give, you get so much more!

One charity, in particular, that we love and are affiliated with is Peace Across the Planet, founded by non-profit Elementals of Life. Elementals of Life has kindly placed a large Shiva Lingam stone at The Open Mind Center in our Tea Room. For many ages, Shiva Lingams (temple stones) were gathered in profound ritual from the sacred Narmada River in India to welcome great creativity and peace for all beings. Our Shiva weighs in at 1,300 pounds and stands proudly in our peaceful tea room. The Open Mind Center is honored to receive one of these divine stones from Elementals of Life as they continue in their effort to joyfully ground the Lingams’ enormous gifts of freedom and equality for us all. We happily ask for your donations to help Elementals of Life bring these Lingams to more cities so that as we gather around them for regular, loving peace, other cities will be able to do the same. In that way, we will hold the energy of peace simultaneously around the world.

If you wish to donate to this cause, please visit the front desk to let us know you wish to donate and to get the appropriate information regarding cash, check, credit card, and receipt.

Join us for our local ceremonies in conjunction with ceremonies being held simultaneously around the world at various Shiva Lingam locations. By doing this, we all support a continual linking of the communities formed by the standing of the large Shivas (on the Crystalline grid) with ongoing, respectful communication, education, and evolvement.