Peace Across the Planet

The Open Mind Center is dedicated to helping people, their families, and their communities heal and grow. While we know that it’s important to do what we can in our physical space, we also know that there is value in gathering people together who share a like mind and have a common intention.

Keeping that in mind, as part of our mission, The Open Mind Center is partnered with Elementals of Life, a non-profit organization founded to help spread peace around the world. Peace Across the Planet, formed by Elementals of Life, is trying to achieve their cause to spread peace throughout the world by gathering Shiva Lingams, which energetically, emanate peace. They spread them with equidistance throughout the world. They identify the people and locations like ours that are united in the same front to help spread peace.

Elementals of Life has gathered some of the largest Shiva Lingams in the world. These are stones that have become the representation for Shiva in Hindu. They used in temples throughout India. Not just that, but their perfect oval form is completely natural. Thanks to this organization, The Open Mind Center has three, and wants to help them continue to place more around the world. The Shiva Lingams were harvested from the Narmada River in India. These stones hold the energy of peace and are a wonderful example of earth’s greatest gifts. The largest stones are breathtaking.

The Open Mind Center is dedicated to donating money each month to Peace Across the Planet and invites you to join us in this effort. During this season of giving, please add $1, $5 or more to your sale or attend our Yoga for Charity class on Wednesdays to help fund this project and spread peace across the planet. We’ve had enough divisiveness; now it’s time for peace.