Featured Product: Clear Space


Energy, the universal life force, is everywhere. We all have it within us. It flows through us naturally. Every person carries their energy into a space, whether they realize it or not, good or bad, it’s there. Our energy can even occupy a room after we leave the space. This energy can be either good, making you happier, or bad, creating a negative atmosphere. Regardless, it will affect you. Energy can be heavy or light depending on the person and their intentions. Sometimes, even when we aren’t aware, our energy can upset or uplift someone just by being near them or by them coming into the space after you. In the case of any negative energy that you may feel, you will want to clear the space and infuse it with uplifting, positive energy.

There are many ways to clear a space. You can smudge it with sage, light incense, or light a cedar stick. One of the most popular methods, and arguably the quickest and most efficient method, is by using our, Clear Space spray. The Clear Space spray is a blend of essential oils, sage, thyme, frankincense, and Stonessence. With it you can easily clear the room at any time. The Clear Space Spray requires little effort and works just as well as any other method out there. Many put it in their bags for easy traveling.

The Clear Space spray doesn’t just have to be used in the house either. You can take it on the go, clearing hotel rooms, work spaces, etc. You can use it in any place where you are weary of the energy that someone else has brought. You can spray it in the air and you can even spray it on yourself to rid negative energies and ward off psychic attacks. Stop by The Open Mind Center today and try it out for yourself. Act now! This product doesn’t stay on the shelf for very long!