New Decade New Intentions

New Decade New Intentions

Intention drives our lives. What we focus on, what we put energy into, leads us to our destination. And so now and again it is important to reflect on where we are and where we are going. There is no better time to re-attune yourself with your intentions than on the eve of a new year. 2019 is almost over. The 20’s are about to begin. Begin anew with it.

The problem with most of our intentions is that they’re too vague. Too unfocused. And they always lead to apathy and stagnation. If we are to make whole changes in our lives, then we need clear goals and whole solutions.

Our intentions are often are soft and malleable because we’re afraid to make life uncomfortable when those intentions inevitably meet obstacles. But life should have you feeling uncomfortable from time to time. That’s how we grow.

The energy of a new year supports rebirth and can propel you into sustainable and exciting unknowns. We should all embrace that and continue to create the beautiful and blessed lives that we are lucky to have.

If setting a new intention for you, means practicing yoga more, learning more about stones and crystals, or taking that Reiki class you’ve been think about, come by anytime and let’s get started. And if not, well we’ve still got you covered in any way we can. We want your 2020 to be your best year and decade ever.

The Open Mind Center has the staff, facilitators, and teachers who can support and assist you during this time. We offer a wide range of products, classes, and healing modalities to help you focus your intentions and clean out those outdated patterns that are holding you back.