Giving to Yourself During the Season of Giving

The holidays are finally upon us. As we prepare to make special memories with our closest friends and family, we should remember the year we had and look forward to the year ahead. As you cook your famous Christmas ham or ponder memories from holiday’s past, think of one thing you’d like to achieve next year.

During these times, we tend to get consumed in the festivities of the holidays. As we do our best to make everything special for everyone, we forget to make ourselves a priority amongst the chaos, laughter, and cheer. So after you put Santa’s cookies in the oven, spend a moment mapping out your goals for the year ahead. Think about the one thing you desire more than anything else. How will your life drastically change when you achieve this goal? What has to happen in order for you to achieve this and what is your plan to get started? 

After evaluating your goals and making a plan to take action towards them, it’s important to give thanks for everything you already have. The universe is all about the exchange of energy so when you ask for something, also say thank you for the blessings that have already been bestowed upon you.
Next, immerse yourself in the energy of the season by thinking of ways you can give back to someone in need. By blessing someone else, you are in turn sending blessings to yourself because you are radiating at the frequency of love, kindness, and respect. What you give, you attract in return.

Pay attention to the moments. We always look for signs that will knock us down and leave our jaw dropping, but the truth is, God speaks to us in the moments that tend to get overlooked. You can find the answers you seek in the twinkling eyes of your grandchild or the brightest star in the dark blue sky. You may find that all you needed to do to find your answer was quiet your mind while sitting on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa after everyone has gone off to bed. This is the season of giving, so be kind to others and make someone’s wish come true; just take a few moments to remember your own wishes as well.