Featured Product: Journals

One of the best and easiest ways to record your progress, remember special occasions, and let out steam from a bad day, is journaling. Journaling is an ancient tradition that has been practiced throughout history. Many successful people have employed its use. We learn a lot about our history through journals left behind from great thinkers, writers and teachers. When you write, the left side of your brain is occupied, freeing the right side to creatively think and process. This allows you to write, free from the fear of being judged. Journaling removes mental blocks, reduces stress, and helps you solve problems more effectively. It also clears your mind from the burden of issues, the past, and from having a stressful day. Journaling helps you work through painful experiences, heal old wounds and express yourself in unique and imaginative ways. Some people add pictures, quotes and affirmations to their journal. Every time they look through it they get positive reflections of strength and growth.

Here at The Open Mind Center, we make it our mission to help all of our clients through their healing stages. We encourage the art of journaling to help shed the old and welcome the new. We offer many styles of journals and invite you to come in and decide which style fits your lifestyle the best. You can also shop online by CLICKING HERE. Begin journaling today to experience the many benefits. Bring your journal to our healing classes. Take notes in it where ever you go. Journals are a great way to practice self love and encouragement. They help us to see how far we’ve come in life. They also help us to release our feelings without hurting others. Our journals range from those that are handmade to ones with inspirational messages on the front cover. Stop by and pick out the perfect one for you.