Crystal and Stone Kits

Here at the Open Mind Center, our customers often ask us for a stone or crystal recommendation with particular purposes in their minds. Many of them ask for stones with healing properties, stones that will help them increase their money and ones that help them attract love to their life. And you can get all of those stones to work with each other to amplify their effectiveness. Why? Stones work well by themselves and stones work well with each other.

In order to help our customers select the appropriate stones for their desired intentions, we have created stone kits which include a combination of stones to simplify the selection process. These include prosperity, power, protection, health, love, recovery, and more. These kits contain a group of specific stones that are designed to work well separately and together to achieve the desired intention you are looking for. This gives you the freedom to use one, two, or all of them. Each kit comes in its own protection bag, complete with instructions and descriptions of the stones.

Our Crystal and Stone Kits are great for personal use! They also make the perfect gift for the holiday season. What better way is there, to make someone happy, than by getting him or her a custom gift? We have kits for the chakras as well, making it the perfect companion for meditation and yoga classes. We will also help you make a stone kit that is perfectly aligned with exactly what you need or with what you are going through. We can help you make a stone kit for strength, confidence, protection and more. Stop on by The Open Mind Center and check out, not only our stone kits, but also our amazing range of stones and crystals. Let us help you pick out the perfect stone kit for your intentions. We will be glad to help you on your spiritual and healing journey.