Energetic Spring Cleaning

As we clean our homes, we also turn to our bodies, relationships, careers, and general outlook on life. This season, consider cleaning your body and home with two alternative spring renewal techniques: Shower Chakra Clearing and Sage Smudging your home or office. Remember, energy follows intention, so be sure you set your intentions with each process.

The Shower Chakra Clearing technique, recommended by Deepak Chopra, can include a pre-shower rub down in good body oil as a bonus. When in the shower, imagine the locations of your seven chakras, and with your hand, “unwind” each chakra, beginning from the first. It is not necessary to have your hand in the exact position, as you may intuit your intention, but imagine that you are opening and backwashing each chakra, 1 to 7. As you move your hand counter-clockwise over each chakra, imagine that you are cleansing it, and then wash any “energetic sludge” in the water, so that the heavy energy is taken back to mother earth for mulching. Once you have backwashed each chakra and allowed it to remain open and discharging for a couple of minutes, then “rewind” each chakra, 7 to 1, by moving your hand in a clockwise movement and imagine the closing and spinning of each chakra. Clockwise and counter-clockwise are from the view of looking at your body from front. Looking down at your hand, it should be moving in a clockwise direction as you see it to close the chakra. Try to enjoy the release and cleansing as well as the recharging of the chakras.

To cleanse your home, smudge it with sage or incense. Beginning outside the front door of your home, set your intention to cleanse any unhealthy energies and heal any wounds within your home environment. Also set the intention to bring in fresh energy and healing light. You may want to create a mantra for the process to trigger this intention. You may want to just do it silently or with an ongoing prayer process. However you choose to address it, take your burning sage or incense and begin smudging first the stoop, then step in and work your way around the home in a generally clockwise direction. If you have more than one floor, then move up or down and do each floor likewise. This helps give our supporting space an energetically fresh start for spring.