Discovering the Sacred at Home

Once you have embarked on the journey that will take you on your spiritual path, you may find yourself wanting to create a special place in your home that will help to amplify your spiritual vibration. The natural progression of purifying the energy in your home is to make all of your life sacred so that everything has a meaning and a purpose. Creating sacred space has to do with raising levels of consciousness and vibrational frequency.

A great place to start creating sacred space in your home is to build an altar. If you have the luxury of one room to dedicate to your spiritual pursuits, building an altar will serve as an anchor for that room – clearly setting your intention for the time you spend there. Many people find they only have a corner of a room available. The idea of a small altar is perfect in this situation also. In her excellent book, “Little Altars for Spirituality”, Josephine de Winter says “An altar is a meeting point, where the divine reaches down to touch the everyday world and where we can concentrate our intentions and desires for spiritual growth. There is a two-way flow between the individual and the world of spirit, and the altar is its channel”.

An altar can be as simple as a collection of a few of your favorite things or as extravagant as a built-in Buddhist style altar with many statues, figurines, candles, and a water fountain. If you are an outdoors person, it would be meaningful to collect things from nature such as feathers, stones, leaves, sea shells, herbs, and flowers. Any type of sacred image, either in the form of a figurine or picture, is a more traditional choice for an altar. Allow your creativity and intuition to guide you in selecting the items for your altar, keeping in mind that it will be very fluid and change with you as you grow spiritually.