Clearing Space

Every person carries their energy into a space, whether they realize it or not. Their energy can occupy a room even after they leave. This energy can be either good, making you happier, or bad, creating a negative atmosphere, but it will affect you. We often feel the negative energy when the peace and balance in our home has been disrupted. This disruption can be due to negative energy construed by a negative event or chain of events. A build-up of negative energy may cause you to feel tired, stressed, argumentative, unbalanced, or tense. Negative energy can cause blockages of positivity and increase anxiety, depression or fear. In the case of negative energy, you will want to clear the space.

There are many ways to clear space and The Open Mind Center provides a nice array of products for just that situation. You can bring Clear Space Spray. This is the fastest method and it’s often considered the most efficient. Another method is by using salt baths. They are exactly what they sound like. The Center has bath products that will provide you the ability to take a salt bath. What salt baths do, however, is clear the energy from yourself. Then there is Smudging. This one is listed last, but is often the most popular method to clear the energy of a space. Smudging, also known as saging, involves burning a sage with a set intention in order to both clear an old negative energy and bring in a new good, more productive energy. To do this one, you walk around the whole of your space (home, business, etc.) burning the sage. Think about your intention for the energy that the space will hold. If you do this in every part of your space, then you will have both cleared the space while setting the intention.