Celebrate the Spirit of You!

Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate your spiritual uniqueness? Wanting to express you in exciting new ways? Try finding interesting and obscure holidays that aren’t as commonly known to the masses. For instance, September 13th is Defy Superstition Day. It also shares this day with Positive Thinking Day and Fortune Cookie Day. Celebrate these days and let everyone know you are joining in on awesome new things. Another great holiday that is uncommonly celebrated is International Peace Day, which is on September 21st. Are you a fan of Confucius? Well you can celebrate Confucius Day on September 29th. Pretty neat right?

Why not celebrate by honoring your spiritual self with a yoga class or a service such as a reading or an energy healing. See what is in the cards for you and your future. Yoga is a great way to celebrate your spiritual uniqueness because it helps to open and release things internally. While in certain poses you are getting to know yourself and letting go that which does not work for you.

Sometimes a little retail therapy is a good way to show your unique tastes. Sometimes we hold back on the things we really want because it will show others what we really like. Purchasing that Buddha statue you’ve been eyeing for the last few months or buying that Angel book you’ve walked passed a thousand times is the perfect way to honor your inner light worker. This is also a good way to work on your spirituality and healing. Honor the celebration of “You” by ending the day with lighting an intention candle or watching as your flying wish paper makes its way up towards the sky. Flying wish paper is one of our most popular items here at the Open Mind Center. The flying wish paper kits come with everything you need in a simple kit. You write your wishes on a piece of their special paper, light it and let it fly off into the Universe. Stop on by The Open Mind Center and let us help you find ways to celebrate your spiritual uniqueness.