What is Nag Champa?

Nag Champa is an Indian scent that is most commonly found in incense or oil form. It is the most popular Indian incense scent burned in the world. Although incense and oil are the most common forms, you may also find Nag Champa in soaps, perfumes, and candles. In India, Nag Champa is burned in front of statues as offerings to the gods for goodwill.

Nag Champa is created using a variety of exotic ingredients. It is made up of frangipani (a type of flower) and sandalwood. Although the champa flower is the base, there are other spices, oils, gums, and resins used to enhance the scent and hold the incense together. These include cinnamon, French lavender, and black pepper.

There are a multitude of health benefits that promote the use of Nag Champa. As a soap, it acts as a repellent to insects and it is an antiseptic. In addition, it promotes the function of the liver and kidney. Medical effects from burning the incense include relaxing the mind, as well as making you perception of temperature warmer. This means that if you use nag champa, you are more likely to feel warmer than if you had not used nag champa.

You can burn Nag Champa resins, oils, or incense for a variety of reasons. Traditionally, its biggest uses were for times of contemplation, meditation, and spiritual development. If you want to meditate, light the end of the incense and place it in an incense holder. It should last for duration of your meditation. In addition, because it features Sandalwood as a main ingredient, it makes the perfect smudging companion. As you clear, cleanse, and purify your space, it will sanctify the surrounding area. For more information on using incense, stop by the Open Mind Center. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.