What Does it Mean to Have an Open Mind?

At the Open Mind Center, it is our goal to create an inviting atmosphere, carry only top of the line health, spiritual, and metaphysical products, and establish a wonderful connection with all of our clients. We are in the service industry; this industry is very similar to the roles and relationships we have in society due to their dependent nature.

Our universe is a melting pot; as a species, we have daily encounters with people from all walks of life; these encounters enable us to experience, understand, and respect differentiating body types, religions, spiritual beliefs, and expectations, all of which vary from person to person. As a society, and as a center, we believe we must always put forth our best effort to apply these ideas to our everyday lives.

Over the years, we’ve experienced several situations and occurrences that have led us to truly visualize what having an open mind really means. An open mind means to respect the values and beliefs of others. We believe having an open mind does not require ourselves, you, or anyone else to adhere to the rules of society. What it does require, however, is giving others a chance to share their perspective and allow them to hear yours. This is the key to creating harmonious relationships throughout our world. This is what our company name stands for and strives to achieve.

We challenge you to ponder the term “open minded” in this moment. In what areas do you feel you could be more open minded? Where do you have trouble releasing high standards or judgments? How can you better learn to empathize with, appreciate, and support your fellow human beings? Breathe with these ideas, consciously become aware of its meaning to you, then let it flow from your soul outward into the universe. May your mind be open!