What Do You Value?

So often we go through life just doing what’s in front of us, rather than consciously choosing a path that supports our higher purpose. It feels easy to “go with the flow” and not “make a fuss” about things. All the while we settle for things that are gradually more disagreeable. Unfortunately, if you get into that pattern, then it can’t take weeks, months, and even years to make up the lost time. As time goes by, a dull pain emerges and we begin to feel unsatisfied. A nagging feeling whispers to us that something is not right. This inner voice is actually a calling from our true self telling us we are out of alignment. The longer we ignore this feeling, the further we get off track and the unhappier we become. What can you do? The first step is to get clear about what you value and who you want to be. Values anchor us in our true self so that as the winds of change blow and the environment shifts, we are able to navigate with our internal compass and stay grounded in who we really are.

What do you value most in life? The answers can immediately kick start your journey to accessing your true self. Write down your top five values, such as love, family, or creativity and then journal your responses to the questions below.

  • How am I practicing these values in my life?
  • What is challenging about living these values?
  • What can I do to honor these values when it gets hard?

Once you have gained this clarity, use these insights to support yourself in making daily decisions that support your internal values. We create our life one choice at a time, so grounding your choices in your values will propel you into the life you desire.