Universal Love

Universal love is an expression of the harmony of everything and everyone in the universe. You are a part of everything; each person you know and each person you meet is connected to one another. We are all spiritual beings in human form with an abundance of love, energy, and knowledge that is universal.

You may have heard the saying that “When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world.” Universal Love is similar to that kind of connectedness. It is a boundless and gentle form of love, a feeling that is experienced in the presence of pure generosity and irrevocable sweetness. When you experience the true beauty of Universal Love, you feel the true action of love. An action is loving when it has all aspects of the Divine, compassion when compassion is needed, or yielding when yielding is needed. It is gentleness whenever possible or firmness whenever required. There is no conflict within this state of loving.

Love universally, not just your family or your friends, but all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. Love yourself first. Understand yourself and the things you do and love it all. Love cannot be given, felt, or shared unless there is compassion and unconditional acceptance of love for yourself. Accept all the love that others give, but do not expect it. Give love freely to everyone around you, the animals, plants, and the Earth itself. Strive to interpret the many differences of people from a perspective of love. From a place of love, you will gain understanding, kindness, respect, happiness, and an overall sense of gratitude and generosity. We are truly all connected in this circle of life and what you give, most certainly does return.