The Process of Awakening

Right now is an important chapter in human history. It is a time of calling and change for many people across the globe. There are major changes happening to everything we have always taken for granted. Our global financial system, planetary and environmental systems, and even our physical bodies are seeing changes. As humans, we perceive these changes on a physical level, which may cause us stress, anxiety, and even fear. You are not alone in what you may be experiencing. All of this affects the world consciousness as we are all feeling, moving, and shifting together. Many people find themselves being pulled or moved into new directions which challenge how we view ourselves, our world, and our place in it. Questioning is the beginning of the process of awakening. It is as if we are waking up from a deep sleep and realizing it was all a dream, only being left to wonder what is real and what is not. The term “awakening” means to have the ability to see things in a new light, a “waking up” of the senses, or literally coming into a new awareness or existence.

Defining what is real and what is not will awaken you to your true self. Moving through your own personal delusions and those created by the expectations of others is a difficult path, but a necessary one in the awakening process. Your inner voice, your heart’s deepest desire, the longing inside of you is the true spirit of who you really are. Finding and welcoming the real you means facing and releasing your self-inflicted fears and delusions, in exchange for the comfort and bliss of knowing, being, and loving who you really are. The journey to self awareness has never been easy or smooth. That is why it is called a process. You will have to sort through the minutia, old belief systems that are deeply ingrained, and habits developed over a lifetime to discover your true self. Just unraveling the intricate mesh of lies we have built around ourselves does not automatically put us on the path of milk and honey, but it is a starting point. It took time for us to create the illusion of our current reality and it will take time and effort to re-create it.

The light at the end of the tunnel of this melodramatic process is bright and peaceful. Living in a state of awareness of your true self is relatively simple. We have created all the drama ourselves and have the power to step out of its way and let it go. You can begin right now by being honest with yourself, listening to your inner voice, and consciously living in the present. I encourage you to welcome the path of truth and embrace the fullness of who you really are. You are ready to walk in your own light and the world needs you to.

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