The Oil Cleansing Method

Oil cleansing is an inexpensive, yet effective ritual used to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish the skin and is useful for all skin types. Due to the absence of soaps and other harsh detergents, oil cleansing does not strip the skin of its sebum, thus allowing dry skin the chance to absorb moisture and oily or combination skin the ability to slow and stabilize its production of sebum. To create a cleansing oil, you will need a carrier oil and castor oil. Opt for cold-pressed, organic oils if possible. For oily to balanced skin, create a blend of twenty to thirty percent castor oil and seventy to eighty percent olive, jojoba, or sunflower oil. For dry or mature skin, create a blend of ten percent castor oil and ninety percent olive, avocado, or coconut oil. Store your oil blend in an airtight, glass container with a dropper or squirt cap to ensure no environmental bacteria will pollute the blend. To use, wet your skin, shake the oil blend, place one tablespoon of oil in the palm of your hand, and massage the oils into your skin for three to five minutes. The massaging motion will stimulate cell turnover and simultaneously remove makeup and debris from your face. To remove the oil, soak a washcloth in hot water and gently press against your skin to steam your face; repeat several times and then gently wipe any residual oil from your skin. Oil cleansing can be followed by a spray of rosewater and a small amount of oil or moisturizer to tone and hydrate the skin.

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