Product of the Month: Sage & Lavender Smudge Sticks

Do you love to sage your home or office, but you’re not too fond of that pungent sage smell? Try our new Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick by “Sage Spirit”! Native Americans have used the ancient art of smudging for centuries in sacred tribal ceremonies with the intent to rid certain people, places, and objects of negativity. Now you can enjoy the sweet floral scent of lavender as it blends with the strong, fragrant scent of sage to create a unique aroma all of its own.

This particular smudge stick is a blend of several sacred herbs such as lavender, desert sage, and sweet grass. Lavender is a calming herb when burned and is symbolic of devotion and loyalty. The lavender used in these particular smudge sticks has been grown and hand-harvested in Olympia, Washington. Desert sage is noted for its powerful aromatic and highly purifying properties. The particular desert sage used in these smudge sticks has also been grown in Eastern Washington. Sweet grass in a powerful herb used by Native Americans and is said to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity when burned.

To use this smudge stick, simply light the tip of the wand, causing a cloud of smoke to arise. While the tip is still smoking, use it to clear out harmful, negative energies by smudging either yourself, a friend or loved one, or your home or belongings. It is important to have an intention set of clearing out negativity from the particular person, object, or place. State your intentions by either praying or saying aloud something such as the following, “I bless myself/(other individual’s name)/this house/object and clear out and remove all negative attachments that it holds. I welcome peace, joy, Divine love, harmony, and the Holy Spirit to reside within me/here.” Allow the smoke to completely cover yourself, the individual, object, or dwelling and then put out the smoke by extinguishing it in sand, salt, or dirt.