When the world says, “Give up,”Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” -Author Unknown

Imagine yourself alone in a movie theater. The movie you are there to watch is one with which you are very familiar; it’s the movie of your life. The great thing about this movie is that it can immediately be edited. If you see a scene that does not end the way you want it to, replay the tape, cut it, and redo the scene with the ending that feels better. Imagine each scene playing out exactly the way your mind’s eye sees it and if it does not, invoke your powerful ability to change it on the spot to reflect how you want it to look. Imagine yourself feeling better and better about your life as you sit alone in the theater crafting your personal masterpiece. As you watch the story of “You” unfold, you can begin to translate it into real time, real life and real scenes that will bring all that you have imagined into the present.

Being able to dream of how you want your life to look, taking into account all the struggles within it, and through perseverance, developing and producing the life you really want, is in your reach. Often times, the daily resistance we deal with causes us to lose sight of the well-crafted movie of our lives, but by taking the time to replay the movie, edit out the scenes that don’t feel good, and rewriting the ending, our destiny is in our hands. By trying out different scenes and putting them together into a seamless, coherent grouping, it becomes your ultimate “feel-good” movie. Even when we come to a place in our real lives where external factors make us rethink our paths, by going back to the imaginary theater and watching our movie, we are able to refocus our efforts and change course, if necessary, and manifest our best outcome.

By persevering, you will realize you have the ability to take your dreams and mesh them with outside, uncontrollable realities to produce the story of your life. You will feel empowered and capable of handling anything life throws at you. In your movie, you can slay dragons, become a doctor, study French, learn to cook, or plant a vegetable garden. Even if it changes based on the curve balls life throws at you, it’s YOUR movie; imagine it, then live it!