Peace on Earth

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” -Peace Pilgrim

Can you imagine dedicating your entire life to bringing peace to people across North America? From 1953-1981, a woman from Connecticut did just that. She called herself the Peace Pilgrim and made it her personal mission to walk until “mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter, and fasting until given food”. During her 25,000 mile lifelong journey, she touched the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of people in her path, speaking the word of peace all along the way. She truly found peace within herself and others.

Peace is a word we hear a lot, but do we really understand that peace is possible? A more peaceful world would be the ideal situation, but how do we get there? Just like the Peace Pilgrim, one person, one step at a time. Peace in our world can only be achieved if each one of us strives for personal peace. When enough of us feel at peace, the energy of peace will flow like a series of connected light bulbs turning on one by one to illuminate the way for the next.

The idea that peace could create such a path of light is not only metaphorically but spiritually inspiring. Once you find peace within yourself, your light and energy inspires another to do the same. Whether it comes from mimicking your actions or listening to your words, the idea of achieving a similar level of inner peace becomes paramount and contagious. One person, one step, one state, one country, one continent at a time, peace will grow. With the progression of each one of us in this long chain of self discovery, we will begin to appreciate and empathize with those that struggled for their own inner peace before and, in that light of realization, know that we are all connected. The lighted path to peace begins with you and ends in the hearts of each one of us.