Love Cards by Robert Lee Camp


Why are some people afraid of commitment, while others put work before romantic relationships? Is the woman you recently met right for you? Why does your significant other put domestic chores before intimacy? If you are struggling with issues in you relationship, where uncertainty and dissatisfaction have taken hold of your engagements, then maybe it’s time to start gaining insights into what the issues in your relationships could be? A good place to start is at your birth date. I bet you didn’t know that your birth date can reveal information to give you insight to natural patterns and habits in your relationships.

Love Cards offer explanations for why we are the way we are. It can help reveal the secret truths about our love lives. Love Cards will help you come to a better understanding about who you are most compatible with. It will also give you truths as to what karma has to do with your love life because karma from this life and the past life will directly influence your romantic situation.

Love Cards describe all of the Planetary Ruling and Birth Cards. You will gain insight to your destiny in this particular lifetime. This includes the characteristics of your birthday and how it applies to you in friendly and romantic relationships. You may even receive or conduct a relationship reading on two people to see how they will relate to each other.

Use this book to explore all of the relationships in your life. Don’t you want to finally come to the conclusions of the romantic issues in your life? This can make a big difference. Come to The Open Mind Center and pick up your copy of Love Cards today! And if you’re looking for other books about relationships, The Open Mind Center has a variety of other books about the topic.