Life in Bloom

It is spring again! How do we know this (besides for printed and electronic calendars, the internet, other people telling us, and that feeling that our noses are under a fiery assault)? We know it because when we walk outside we see freshness, flowers in bloom. All around us, Atlanta flowers are blooming. “But how do they blossom?” Well, flowers, like all plant life, get their energy from the sun. They use the energy from the sun, carbon dioxide, and water. They use the energy to create the nourishment they need to fully blossom. And from that process, the byproduct, sugar is made. Animals, then, eat those plants and get energy from them. It continues up the food chain from there.

A beautiful flower inspires joy in all of us. Like flowers, we need energy to fuel ourselves. We need to feed our souls so that we may live up to our full potential. More than that, when we are nourished in our soul, we humans also make a byproduct. We talk to other people, make things, decisions, and influence the world around us.

What feeds your soul and, most importantly, what are you doing to nourish your spirit? If you take the time required, you can experience cleansing and renewal. You can blossom just like the spring flowers that surround us. There is no time like the present to take a step back and evaluate your life. Slow down. Take a moment to appreciate the world around you, the people that you encounter, and your beautiful life. Take time to find what you are passionate about and explore activities that make you happy. These are all things that will enrich your life. It is like soil to flowers. They will inspire you to bloom into who you truly are.